Monday, August 14, 2006

A4 - Single Biggest Fear Regarding DI - Richard

What is your single biggest fear and why regarding the use of donor insemination in creating your family?

I think my biggest fear is probably the same of any father. I'm afraid that my kids will end up hating me. As a father to kids that are not genetically related to me, I have to work extra hard to ensure that my kids realise how much I love and appreciate them for who they are. A lot of parents rely on the fact that their kids have to love them because they're related to them. I won't have that luxury. But on the plus side, I will reap the rewards of that extra work, something that most dads will never even realise is possible.

For all parents I think there is a constant fear that when you finally let them fly the nest they might never come back. For me there will always be the fear that when my kids finally decide to go off and find their donor my relationship with them will never be the same again. But if I do my job as a dad right it will just be another chapter in their lives and part of the story of our family.



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