Tuesday, June 13, 2006

A1 - Addressing DI Publicly - Max

Q1: Why do you think its important for men like ourselves to publicly address the issues surrounding DI and our own thoughts and feelings publicly?

How can I give my potential future children a sense of pride in who they are if I as an infertile man, live my life in shame ?!
Infertility is not a dirty word. It’s amazing, nowadays we can openly talk about Aids, Homosexuality, breast cancer and erection problems just to name a few but mention male infertility and the whole room goes quiet !
It’s time to break boundaries set by years of secrecy and misinformation and speak out loud. Time to share our stories with the world in order to support those who share our pain and dispel all untrue beliefs via open communication.

Unlike women, men do not have many places to find support and certainly we tend to be our worst enemy when it comes to sharing our feelings, but for me I see this as a challenge .

I find that discussing issues surrounding my infertility is liberating in a way and it helps me deal with it. I have often wondered what my purpose in life is since I cannot father children of my own and so perhaps the answer is to help others who share my predicament by sharing my feelings and opening up a line of communication with the greater community to promote better understanding of male infertility.


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