Monday, August 28, 2006

A5 - Position on Disclosure / Openness - Bob

What is your position on disclosure / openness with your children re DI? And if you do disclose at what age would you think appropriate to tell the children?

I ditto what Richard has said. In fact, I have told Dori that she is DI conceived, but at six months of age, she obviously has no way of understanding what I've said. But, I don't make a regular practice of it. Yes, I can see how doing that on a regular basis would make it easier for us as she grows to an age of comprehension.

My elder daughter, Addy, is four. We have not told her yet that she is a product of ICSI/ZIFT. In fact, it may be time to do that. Please note that this is not something we're trying to hide at all. In fact, it's so common that it doen't seem an out of the ordinary way to be conceived.

So, I'd have to say that it's easy to say that we are pro-disclosure, but fitting it into real life is a bit more challenging. Especially since we don't define our kids as being "ICSI/ZIFT" conceived or "DI" conceived.


Blogger Ryan said...

Remember that in whatever manner you choose to tell your children, tell it to them calmly, cry with them if they need it and hold their hand to get them through it. (Lookit me! A late-twenties guy giving advice to someone else's father!)

Do not, under any circumstances, do what my mom did: She dragged the children into the living room, lined us up facing our father, and screamed at us that he wasn't our father while slapping us with the papers that proved our artificial conception.

I feel that was a poor choice on her part. It's better that I knew at an early age, but I feel her methodology was flawed... *smirk*

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