Tuesday, June 13, 2006

A1 – Addressing DI Publicly –Bob

Q1: Why do you think its important for men like ourselves to publicly address the issues surrounding DI and our own thoughts and feelings publicly?

It is important that men address DI publicly to decrease the amount of DI related angst that our children may accumulate as they grow. Our children did not choose conception via DI. My wife and I chose DI to build a family. The donor chose to provide chromosomes. Our daughter had no choice, yet our choice will be with her throughout her lifetime.

There are at least a couple ways this blog can reduce my daughter’s, and other DI-conceived children’s emotional baggage. The first is to help us fathers practice communicating the issues of DI. As we discuss, we will become more knowledgeable on the subject, and open to other opinions.

This forum can also serve as a tool to reverse at least partially social unacceptability held toward the use of DI, especially when used by heterosexual couples with male factor infertility.

Ultimately, for those of us who choose full disclosure, our experience here will make it easier to begin and sustain a conversation regarding the circumstances of our children’s conception; it will become more natural to be open with them. I hope that will help my daughter be more accepting of how it is she came to be.


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